dealing with rejection

Expert tips on how to deal with rejection

Do you thinks its easy to deal with rejection? Well it is….

Do you feel rejected by your close ones or friends or at your workplace or family?

Well, I have felt that-maybe a dozen of times!

My career has always been an uneven slope of problems, ego clashes, and rejection.

I started working in a corporate hospital while studying masters. It was a tough task to balance both because in India most of the hospitals and organizations do not appoint students as full time employees.

I was new to the corporate game and didn’t really know how to deal with situations. This continued for 3 years and that’s when I decided to build something of my own but before that I learnt to deal with rejection.

I am actually not ashamed to admit, that I cut out social media and everyone out of my life. I shut myself up and preferred to be alone.

However, gradually I started accepting things!

One person whom I had to face was “me “and no matter how hard I tried, I could not run away from myself. Actually nobody can!

That is when I decided to accept my flaws, embrace them and improvise things in a positive way!


Situations changed…

Everyone is facing rejection now in every corner of the world and somehow people learn innovative ways to deal with rejection.

You are not alone.

Nevertheless, you need to help yourself rise.

I have shared some ways out of my personal experience which might help you overcome the trauma of rejection.

  • Don’t be harsh on yourself

When someone rejects you, the first thing you face is resentment towards yourself. Do not do that, it’s just going to worsen things. Rather than, start loving yourself more. Congratulate yourself for surviving against all the odds in your life.

Embrace your flaws; make a list of your positive qualities and negative ones.

Work on it, by building a strategy about how to improve yourself slowly but consistently.

  • Talk to people

Make it a point to surround yourself by positive people, the ones who support you, and help you grow. Avoid toxic people who simply drain your energy for their benefits.

  • Take your time to cool off

Take your own time to be calm and try warding off those negative thoughts in your mind. Give yourself positive affirmations. For example: I did it, I can do it and I will do it and trust me you will.

  • Reflect on your mistakes

There are terms “introspection and retrospection.”

 Use it!

 Think about the reasons of your rejection. Make a list and see how you can improve them, why you were rejected, and what went wrong so that you could prevent it from happening in future.

P.s – when I say you think about your mistakes, think about the reasons why you did them, and do not get depressed!

  • Don’t let rejection define you, learn from it

“I kept trying for jobs, but I never succeeded but you know what I learned a lot of things from it”. I learnt how to make myself more presentable and that is the point what you learn. So do not ever think that if someone rejects you, you are finished.

  • Try  meditation or physical fitness

Science proves that there is a direct connection between rejection and brain chemistry, so you could possibly do meditation to relieve yourself from the feeling of rejection.

  • Build your social esteem and self confidence

A study shows that a person who is creative or does productive tasks can mostly be productive for 2-3 hours a day which means if you need to build your self esteem and self confidence , you could probably do that by making use of your time in constructive tasks.

  • Build a mindset

I came across many people who simply keep on blaming themselves for situations.

Do not do it.

Change your perspective.

Form positive habits and learn to forgive yourself.

Do not blame yourself for each and everything.

Try forming positive habits.

  •  What the bobo doll taught us

Did you ever observe a salesperson or a person at the reception counter, how they greet their customers? They give a common response irrespective of how the customer treats them or what feedback the customer gives them.

They say – Thank you for visiting us, next please!

That is how you thank people for being the ones who help us in bringing out the best version of yourself. The social learning theory comes into existence.


Do not try to give yourself fake reassurance or do not let people treat you with sympathy. Just be the best version of yourself. There are lot of theories that teach us how to deal with rejection but choosing among them and knowing where to apply it is the biggest challenge.

However, the biggest fact is not to give up ever.

“Remember little drops of water make a mighty ocean”

Small steps of yours would gradually lead you successfully with rejection.

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