How these 5 amazing corona tips can make you feel like a celebrity

Hi everyone out there!

 It’s just so boring these days that I hardly manage to move out of my room coz its corona time but guess what today I am gonna talk to you about the happening topic of what you ‘re supposed to do in this pandemic!

Because it’s getting on our nerves, isn’t it??


Well, I shall give you some easy tips that you can try along apart from just sitting at home and staring at the wall or playing with your dog (P.s: not all of you might be owning a pet though;-)

So let’s begin with the list:

  1. Start doing some sort of physical workout

Lol! Who would wanna gain fat ?

Would you?

No right!

But you can’t just sit and eat along and expect that you would stay in shape. You need to do regular workouts. The best way you can do it is to prepare a schedule or plan no. of sets of particular exercises you think would be beneficial for you!

Start of slow and easy at first! 🙂

  • Follow the path of self motivation

Now, let me clarify that I am not asking you to join motivational classes or meditate the whole day.

You could breathe along or take a walk in the evenings and keep thinking positive.

You need to believe that every day is a new chapter for you.

Check out the latest blog on 10 easy tips of self motivation to be a leader.

  • Read books regularly!

Read a book compulsorily every day, one page each day based on your capacity and start writing whatever you feel.

Discuss it with anyone or maybe with your friends.

Reading soothes and teaches you a hell lot of things that gradually gets accumulated in your brains and you won’t realize it unless you test yourself.

Read like it matters!

Don’t be a bookworm though 🙂

  • Explore new business opportunities

When everybody is grounded at their homes and the global economy gets a hit. You are bound to do something that would keep you engaged, because ideal mind is a devil workshop isn’t it?

Ways like blogging, copywriting, freelancing, digital marketing, drop shipping are some of the best opportunities you could try and make money with!

Imagine when the corona scenario ends, you can plan a holiday maybe with that savings. Think how much fun it would be 🙂

  • Harness your skills, stay away from pills 🙂

Ha-ha, funny isn’t it!


It’s true, I mean wasting your time and not making an effort to improve yourself would actually lead to depression (which means to come out it, you need to see a psychologist or take pills because you would be a patient right!)

So the best way not to let that happen is to channelize your potential in a proper way.

Find a field of interest, search the ways you would work on them and perhaps you could excel in that too. The most important benefit of this would be that you would be busy and happy which is the secret to leading a peaceful life.


That was a bit of a long list, wasn’t it?

But you know the best thing about it is that if you put an effort from your side, life would be worth living and this time that we all are spending at our dens would be meaningful.

Wait ! Wait! Readers not so fast!

I have some FREE goodies designed for you so that you use it all to keep up your spirits !

Go ahead and download them all.

Come back next time, until I find a nice piece for you guys to read!

Take care and be safe 🙂

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