Five Expert Reasons – Why Corona Effects On Tourism is the “Thanos”

Nothing is as same as before due to corona!

Corona has hit the world hard and day by day the global economy is suffering.

However, there has been a huge blow to the tourism sector since the existing companies are not able to generate enough revenue.due to corona crisis.

Travelers are worst affected and the employees of tourism sector are facing grave consequences.

The impacts caused by corona over world tourism are unmistakably huge and researchers are predicting that this loss would continue in a long term.

Corona virus has caused mass panic among residents and some of the important sectors like hotel industry, healthcare, and tourism are hard hit.

Here are some of the major outbreak issues caused by corona in nutshell:

  • Loss of jobs

The world travel and tourism council has predicted 50 million people who have lost their jobs in the tourism sector.

  • The most affected continent is Asia

Every year many tourists like visiting Asia due to its brilliant hospitality and tourism services. However, corona has caused majority shares of these sectors to step down the race of profit earning due which there has been a lot of loss.

  • Travelers facing problems

Around 850,000 people travel from Europe to America but because of the outbreak, lot of people have restricted themselves in travelling abroad with a fear of becoming a victim in the corona trap.

  • 10% of GDP – promoted by tourism

Reports say that almost 10% of world GDP comes through tourism sector. A decrease in the travel business has caused significant loss in world GDP.

  •  Creation of financial strain

It is impossible for baby ventures to grow in this point of crisis. There are no sufficient travelers to provide profit to these ventures, which is leading to their downfall.

What travel business does about it?

  • Mutual collaboration

Sharing of information across variety of channels and promoting each other’s business in various industries can be quite beneficial.

  • Social media promotion

Promoting their business online can be very beneficial because most of the people are staying at their homes and the business can be more noticeable.

It is quite important to create awareness among people because no perfect remedy has been discovered yet. In other words, they can be safer. People working the travel sector can read this article about corona tips. 


Despite of all odds, the travel sector still hopes to improve over the crisis scenario of corona. Thanks to the government measures all over the world, employees in this sector are able to survive.

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