Why freelancing is the best option in covid-19

Do you wish you built your career as a freelancer?

Congrats, you just made a brilliant decision in this covid-19.

Why do you need to consider freelancing as the best option?

If you have any skills, you can make a lot of money as a freelancer. Currently around 23% are earning in the range of about 40-45 lakhs in India. A research study says that around 10 million people work as freelancers. 

Key highlights

  1. Corporate lifestyle-good bye

Many people are waving goodbye to corporate lifestyle. They are willing to enter the market of freelancing due to the freedom in work hours.

  • Women empowerment

Many women have started working from home as freelancers, which have increased the amount of services for the customers. Whether you are a homemaker or a busy mom, freelancing is just perfect. It would help you earn your share in your free time.

  • Start up culture

When people begin a start up, they do not wish to spend much on hiring people. They offer freelancers projects to ease the workload, which is a boost to the freelancing world.

  • Changing perspective

Lot of people have changed and reformed their views about freelancing, which is a positive aspect.

Why you should become a freelancer?

  1. Increased chances

You will have more chances of working as a freelancer compared to searching for jobs that are difficult to get because you need to go through a series of interview and tiring processes.

  • Less time, more profit

You can earn a good amount of profit while working as a freelancer at the comfort of your home.

  • Goodbye  hectic schedules

You can wave goodbye to hectic work hours and save time for recreational activities which is very important as long as you live because through these activities you can actually find ways to improve your holistic health.

  • Fresher’s are welcome

Even if you are just starting your career, you do not have to worry. A fresher has a lot of scope in finding a project to work on.

  • Recognition

Once people or clients know about your talent, it becomes easier for you to win more projects and profit margins.

Future of freelancing

It is a tough job being a freelancer but the best fact about this field is – once you get addicted and form a base, things are much easier for you to conquer. These days there are many websites that offer you a chance to grow your freelancing career with ease. Even if there is a huge competition at some point of time, you will find yourself excelling and achieving a good amount of profit. With the continuing trend of increase in freelancing, an estimate predicts an overall increase from 20 to 30 billion by 2025, which would be a great boost to the economy.

Therefore, if you are freelancer and you expect to gain some profit by building your career in freelancing!

Go ahead and build it.

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