facts you need to know about handshake

Basic things you should know about handshake

Facts to know about handshake!

Well, it’s quite true. Handshake has been a symbol of both formal and informal way of interaction. There are numerous ways of handshake, which might give you an insight of how exactly a person is or what kind of persona he has!

In fact, knowing the basics about handshake would actually be an asset to anybody.

There are few types of handshakes which are noticeable in daily life and which could help you gain a basic perception about the person’s inherent attributes.

Some of types are as follows:

  1. Sweaty palms: Eeu! Weird isn’t it! But yes these kinds of people do exist whose palms usually sweat! A person who does this is quite anxious and tensed from inside.
  • Brush off: Well, this kind of handshake depicts that a person does a handshake with the other person quickly and then breaks contact. These kinds of people are usually quiet and self centered.
  • Dead fish: Yes, this kind of handshake also exist which means that the person you are shaking hands with is void and energy less. You can easily feel the coolness within him / her.
  • Dual handed handshake: The name is enough to explain it!! This is a famous signature style of handshake for politicians to show their friendliness and familiarity with people.
  • Finger vice: People doing this kind of handshake where only the fingers come in contact usually reflects their reserved nature. They usually prefer aloofness and like to maintain a distance with every person they come across.
  • Lobster claw: This kind of handshake means that the person doing this is quite introvert. They need their own space and time in every situation.  In short they are quite touchy!
  • The top handed handshake: This is a type of handshake where a person places his hands horizontally which means they are quite dominant and wish to portray their superiority over others.

Could you create an impression on others through a handshake?

For sure! Read below some of the simple techniques of handshake which shows that you are confident on yourself:

  • Greet an important person through handshake

Make sure whom you are about to greet, be very particular.

  • Balance your handshake, don’t make it too weak or don’t make in bone crushing either

Take care of not hurting the person while handshake, your handshake should not be like a weakling neither you should keep your hands too firm. Keep it simple.

  • Don’t forget eye contact

That’s the main issue! Most of the people rapidly blink their eyes or just don’t look straight. That’s the biggest error. Make sure you make a good eye contact.

  • A neutral facial expression would do the magic

Don’t try to look too goody-goody and don’t try to look the ogre either. A sweet neutral smile would be just perfect.

  • Don’t pull back immediately

Oh yes, the biggest thing. We are not kids either. So while you do a handshake, don’t pull away your hand immediately.

“The right choice of handshake might earn you the right kind of job”.

Yep that’s true!

Whether it’s a job or an interview, a good handshake is certainly appreciated because it plays a major role in shaping the perception of an interviewer about your personality, moreover it adds to a touch of professionalism. In most of the corporate, a firm handshake (not too firm, just crisp and curt) is well admired and can even increase your chances of getting hired or chances of increasing multiple business partnerships. Hence it is very essential for every individual to understand the right way of doing it. A good handshake could help you improve yourself as well. Hence it is imperative to know basic things about handshake which could increase your credibility.

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So readers, these were few thing i wanted you to know about handshake because it would actually prove to be very beneficial because it would worked pretty good for me at least:)

From centuries, there have been countless ways of people shaking their hands while interacting with each other. It’s practically impossible to explain so many ways of handshake but hold!!

Possessing a basic idea about handshake and a sense of good of judgment would obviously help you stand distinctly out of the crowd!!!

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