10 great things about recycling that no one will tell you

A lot of people these days are confused with the concept of recycling.

Have you ever wondered what recycling is?

Recycling is a process by which you can reuse things in a beneficial way. Although, everything cannot be recycled because it might need a lot of equipment but you can still manage to recycle simple things by yourself.

Few essentials which you can recycle at your home without hassle are:

  • Vegetable peels

You can add them to the plants in your garden because they contain rich nutrients essential for the growth of plants.

  • Old containers

You can consider using jars and old containers as decorative stuff. For instance: you may add some soil and artificial plants in it.

  • Tattered clothes

You can certainly use torn clothes and rags to make a cloth bag which is eco friendly.

  • Glass of old photo frames

You can use them for glass painting and recreational purposes.

  • Old toothbrushes

You may use them for fine cleaning of window panes.

  • Old wires

You can possibly use broken wires to hang your clothes.

  • Kitchen waste

You can either use them as manure or you may use them to feed cattle ( if you live in the countryside) .

  • Fruit waste

Fruit peels work as an excellent mask for face and can be used for glowing skin.

  • Broken tubs and buckets

These are an excellent source for collecting rainwater and aid in rain water harvesting.

  • Broken toys

You can mend or fix them up and use them on your table for decorative purposes. For instance – my mom used my toy jar to store salt in it and trust it looks very attractive!


Recycling a thing is your personal choice and a very efficient technique of re utilizing things. So go ahead find new things to recycle at your home.

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