5 ways how COVID -19 has affected female employment

Read the top 5 ways of how COVID -19 has affected the female employment scenario!

We are all trapped in the vicious circle of COVID 19. Many people have lost their jobs, some have started a new business and some have voluntarily quit their profession.

Did you ever think about how it has affected women’s employment?

Well here are the major 5 ways of how COVID-19 has affected female employment scenario are explained in two phases:

  1. More family time
    It is an obvious fact!
    Women are spending more time at their homes for their families because of the lockdown.
  2. Decrease in molest cases
    Since the government has asked most of the corporates to shut down and prevent employees from coming to the office on a regular schedule, women have benefited a lot due to strict timings.
  3. Decrease in stress
    These days work from home is in high demand. It is much more convenient for women to work from their homes rather than traveling to their offices.
  4. Easy work life
    Working from home is a convenient solution where women can simply relax by doing tasks from their house.
  5. Increase in “me time”
    Amidst the hectic schedule, it is tough for women to take care of themselves but due to the lockdown, women can dedicate time for themselves regularly.


  1. Work-life balance
    Corporate lifestyle has become very common these days, women have adapted themselves to work on a 9-5 fixed schedule. Therefore working from home in this lockdown is a challenge.
  2. Payment cuts
    There are a lot of chances where women could lose their jobs due to employee layout in this COVID scenario.
  3. The burden of house chores
    Instead of paid employment, women are forced to do unpaid household work which is very depressing. For instance, they remain busy in the kitchen chores throughout the day.
  4. Zero work culture
    When women do not work for corporates, it’s an obvious fact that there is a decrease in the woman empowerment and work culture.

Future of women employment:

  1. Increase in freelancing
    Since women would not have a place to work, therefore most of them will prefer freelancing to earn their living.
  2. Increase in female entrepreneurship
    There are a lot of chances for women to find their path, start their own business, and become an entrepreneur.
  3. Government aid
    Everybody is expecting the government of countries to help women be self-independent and finance their own business. Loans can be availed at an easy interest.

COVID 19 has certainly created a ruckus in our lives, but every cloud has a silver lining!
Good days will come soon because women will become more independent and put an end to the strict corporate work culture.

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