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10 Shocking ways of self motivation that would make you a leader

Howdy People,


Aren’t you guys, especially in this lock down situation, its tough isn’t it!

Most of the crowds are spending time working from home which is actually hectic because hey….

All of us miss our regular routine and work environment.

Now, enough of blabbering about boredom and getting irritated. Let me talk to you about the ways of self motivation which is actually very important to keep you on toes!

Few handy tips that you would help you be a good leader in the field you want to 🙂

Read below:

  1. Breathe in and breathe out!

Yes, you heard it right!

Don’t stress or push yourself over things. If you don’t feel up to the mark, put a pause to the work you are doing and try practicing meditation or go for a walk or even better – just take a nap because having a good sleep over time actually has a direct impact over hormones related to altering your levels of motivation.

Yes, you understood it correct— it means the more you relax in a productive way, the more high your spirits are!


  1. Set up a goal and purpose, buddy

“I had a goal of owing a villa at planet mars but it was never fulfilled coz

it wasn’t practical, funny isn’t it”.

Common, go ahead — everyone has a goal on earth, you might have one too! I mean realistic ones though!


Create a daily or weekly planner for yourself which would help you jot down things and work on it immediately because writing is scientifically proven to have immense effect on human memory which means you would actually end up being serious on things.

  1. Master plan never fails

Making a proper plan as per your goals won’t fail unless you aren’t action oriented. So be serious, take a look at your goals and start drafting a plan to implement as soon as possible.

  1. Time wasters and distractions- a big no no

Stick to your schedule and work on it. Avoid too many distractions which might shake your concentration and divert you making you unsatisfied and feeling low because of being unproductive. So be careful of those passive distractions.

  1. Say bye bye to toxic people

Ideal mind is a devil’s workshop”.

Not everybody on earth actually works, some of them are just a big bundle of pretence or some just sit ideal commenting on others work. So make sure you avoid these kinds of people as much as possible because their negative comments might lower your spirits and cause you to drown in a deep sea of depression thinking that you aren’t worthy enough.

  1. The magic of 3C’s – Consistent, confidence, calmness

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

Nothing worthy in this world comes easy.

You need to remain consistent in your efforts and have that believe in yourself that you would achieve your goal one day. Never lose your calmness over your repeated failures! That would indeed pave your path for success.

Your persistent calmness of mind would actually lead you to remain self motivated at times.

Try it and you will see the results for yourself!

  1. Train your mind to think positive

Straight as the heading is!

At times our mind has a tendency to think negatively, so try avoiding those kinds of thoughts by Visualizing of how you see yourself. When you wake up every morning, think how productive the day could be with just a tiny positive thought. You could actually start reading positive quotes or see images every morning to make you feel worthy.

  1. “Birds of a feather flock together”

Try to keep your circle limited and known as much as possible.

Choose people who share common interests and are a source of inspiration. So when you spend your time with them you can actually learn a hell lot of facts both actively and passively while interacting. Your close circle could be anyone, maybe your family or usual friends or seniors 😉

  1. Say hi:) to challenges

Let me be frank, if you are working on something then it’s obvious, you would be facing few challenges. So the best thing you could do is prepare yourself to work accordingly. At times, you would feel all of your efforts going into trash and feel worthless. But trust me, that is exactly when you are taking a step closer to your purpose and goal.

Trust me, you have got this!

  1. Healthy body is a home of healthy mind

Last but not the least; one way of keeping yourself motivated at a high level is to do a regular physical workout.

Scientifically, it has been proven that doing regular fitness could possibly decrease the level of anti depressive hormones in our body which means we would be happier. Staying happy would not only keep you motivated but would create a positive environment. So … go forth, be an influencer 😉

Regular Self Motivation isn’t that easy to perform because humans are unpredictable. You won’t realize and your mood would just shut off! Without any reason (happens to me a lot of times) especially when you lead others in your team.

But with time you would realize that we are the biggest source of motivation for ourselves. All you need to do is recognize your worth and follow certain tips and to be an effective leader (try the ones I told you above).

Write back to me on my mail about your motivating experiences and how it changed your life and made you a leader. Let me know if these tips are working out or not.

I would love to hear them or you could comment below.

Please feel free to share this article; it would be of great help!

That’s all for today folks!

Stay tuned.


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